So, you’ve just created an event - and maybe even added a solution already! What’s next? A registration website is a fuss-free and professional way of promoting your event and for allowing guests to sign up. 

Learn the basics of Navigating The Registration Website Control Panel, or follow through these 10 steps to create your microsite now!   

Step 1 

Make sure you are within the correct Event Workspace to which you would like to add this solution. You can do so by checking the event name on the banner of your Event Menu. Not sure what an Event Menu is, or how to get to your ideal workspace? Orientate yourself first by learning the ropes of Navigating Event Workspaces.   

Step 2

In the Event Menu, click on Solutions > Registration Website. You’ll be directed to the Registration Website Control Panel for setting up everything related to your event website.

Step 3

Give your website a catchy URL to make it easier for guests to find it online. 

Step 4 (Optional) 

The default website is visible to anyone who knows your event URL. Is your event a hush-hush super duper top secret one? If so, edit your website exclusivity settings to control who can view your website.   

Step 5

Customize the look and feel of your site to one that aligns with your brand by setting up default theme colours and fonts in the Design Master.  

Step 6

First impression matters! Impress your guests with an eye-catching banner as the landing screen of your site. 

Step 7 (Optional) 

There are various optional website sections you can utilize to fill your site with all the relevant event information that you wish you include. Click on any of the links in the list below to learn how to add them into your microsite: 

Step 8

Allow guests to sign up for your event by adding registration form(s) to your website. Yes, you can add as many forms as the number of ticket classes you have!   

Step 9

Rearrange your website content in the order you would like them to appear in by holding and dragging their corresponding section blocks. You can also show/hide individual sections as you wish by toggling the eye icons beside each section.

Step 10

The last (and arguably most exciting) thing left to do, is to make your site go live. Click the ‘Publish Site’ button to do so. Congratulations, you now have a working event registration site to show off to your guests! 

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