If you would like to control the website privacy settings for a particular event, select the event in question from Home. At the Solutions Overview page, select Registration Website. Click on General > Exclusivity. Here, you will be able to choose who this website would be visible to:

  • Everyone

  • Those with a password

  • Invitees Only 


This is the default setting that is used by most websites. It allows anybody with your URL to view your website, and to register for your event. 

Those With A Password

You may also choose to protect your website with a password which you can then send to your ideal viewers. Once this option is selected, simply key in your desired password, confirm it by keying it again, and then clicking 'Save' for it to take effect.

This is a fuss-free way to protect your website. However, do take note that anyone would be able to access your website and register for your event as long as they have the correct password. 

Invitees Only 

One of the most exclusive ways to protect your website is by using this setting, which grants website access only to specific individuals selected by you. This works hand in hand with our Communication Channel, whereby you can send out invitations embedded with unique links to your invitees. Each unique link can only be used for a single registration, thereby strictly controlling who can sign up for your event. 

Once you have selected this option, you will have to add Invitees to your Invitee List and then send them Invitations via our Communication Channel. You can learn about Managing & Adding Invitees and Sending An Invitation next! 


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