The Banner serves as the landing page to your website, and it the first thing that your guests see. It is added by default, and you can only choose to customize, or to hide it. To customize your website banner, first make sure that you are in the Registration Website Control Panel of the correct Event Workspace. Under Website Sections, click on the Banner section widget. There are a few things you can customize here:   

  • Background

  • Logo 

  • Headline

  • Tagline

  • Button

Look & Feel

You can choose to use either a solid colour, an image, or a video as the background of your website banner. To use a solid colour, make sure that 'Colour' is selected on the switch placed under 'Background Type'. Then, simply select your desired hue from the colour picker or input its corresponding colour code (i.e. #FFFFFF) or RGB values. You will also be able to apply your Theme Colours by clicking their swatches in the colour picker.    

To use a media, flip the 'Background Type' switch to 'Media' and then click on the ‘Upload Image/Video’ box to select your desired file. 

  • Recommended size: 1920px × 1080px or 16:9 ratio

  • Supported formats: jpg, png, mp4, mov, avi, wmv, 3gp, flv 

Note: If you have a text on your banner or want your banner to fit on mobile view, you can enable Fit banner width option.

Click on the ‘Add Logo’ box to upload your logo. You can choose for it to appear as either a circle or a square by toggling the switch under Shape. You can also change the size of your logo by selecting Small, Medium, or Big, using the Size slider. 

  • Recommended size: 200px by 200px

  • Supported formats: png only 

  • Onlive's recommendation: ensure your banner does not have text in it, as this will not be responsive to differing screen sizes


The headline is usually the title of your event. Feel free to change it if you wish. 


Give your event a catchy slogan! 


The most common call to action (CTA) for event websites is usually ‘Register Now!’. You can also change the button label on your registration website to reflect the CTA that best align with your event interest. 

Remember to hit ‘Save’ after making changes to save your work.


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