Let the world know who helped in organizing your amazing event by adding a section dedicated to the event organizers! 

First, make sure that you are in the Registration Website Control Panel of the correct Event Workspace. Under Website Sections, click on the Organizers icon nested in the ‘+ New Section’ module. An Organizers section would be generated. Click on it to set it up.

Manage Event Organizers

Click on ‘Manage Event Organizers’ to set up your organizers if you have not done so, or if there have been updates to it. 

Adding An Organizer

To add an organizer, click on ‘+ New Organizer’ to summon a popup. Fill up all the necessary details before saving and exiting by clicking ‘Add Organizer’. 

Editing An Organizer

To edit an organizers’ details, hover over the organizer in question to reveal the edit icon. Click on it to bring up the popup. Remember to save your changes by clicking ‘Edit Organizer’ once you are done. 

Deleting An Organizer

To delete an organizer, hover over the organizer in question to reveal the trashcan icon and click on it. 

Once you are done managing your event organizers, head back to the Registration Website Organizers Section page by clicking the ‘<’ button in the Page Title Bar. 

Look & Feel 

You can choose to use either a solid colour, an image, or a video as the background of this website section. To use a solid colour, make sure that 'Colour' is selected on the switch placed under 'Background Type'. Then, simply select your desired hue from the colour picker or input its corresponding colour code (i.e. #FFFFFF) or RGB values. You will also be able to apply your Theme Colours by clicking their swatches in the colour picker.    

To use a media, flip the 'Background Type' switch to 'Media' and then click on the ‘Upload Image/Video’ box to select your desired file. 

  • Recommended size: 2000px by 1125px 

  • Supported formats: jpg, png, mp4, mov, avi, wmv, 3gp, flv 

You can also choose between a dark (default black) or light (default white) font colour for this section by toggling the switch placed under 'Text Colour'. 


Give your section an appropriate headline. 

Click ‘Save’ and you are done! 


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