Before adding your event agenda to your website using the Programme section, you will first need to set it up. This guide will show you how. 

You don’t want to be setting up a whole agenda for the wrong event! So, make sure that you are in the correct Event Workspace first! In the Event Menu, click on Event Details > Programme. Doing so will bring you to the Manage Event Programme page.

Adding A Day

If you have previously input the start date of your event in Event Overview, the first day will be auto-populated with that defined date. Check that it is correct before clicking ‘Add Day’.

Adding A New Day

If your event is held across multiple days, click on the ‘+ New Day’ button to add the subsequent day (or days, one at a time). Select the date and then click ‘Add Day’ to proceed. Notice the addition of a new tab which corresponds to the day you have just added on the Date Bar.   

Editing A Day

If you would like to change the date of an added day, make sure its corresponding tab in the Date Bar is selected, then click ‘Edit Day’. You will be directed back to the screen with the date selector. Once you have edited the date, click on ‘Edit Day’ again to save the change. 

Adding A Session

To add a session to a day, make sure that the correct day in question is selected in the Date Bar first. Then, click on ‘+ New Session’. You will be brought to a page where you can fill in the details of that particular session. 

Basic Information

The most important fields are the session name, start time, and end time. You can always come back to edit those fields, and to fill in the rest of the details.

Session Description

An excerpt of your session description will be displayed in the Programme section on your website, and guests can click on individual sessions to read the full write-up of what the session is about. 

Session Key Visual 

If you have an image or artwork for your session, feel free to upload it for it to show up along with the full session description.

Making A Session Bookable 

If you want to allow bookings for the session, simply check the box labelled ‘Make this a bookable session’. You can even add in a maximum capacity for the session if there is one. 

Adding A Speaker To A Session 

To add a speaker to a session, check the box labelled ‘Add a speaker’. If you have previously set up your Event Speakers, they will be listed in the ‘Select Speaker’ dropdown field for you to choose from. If not, click on ‘+ New Speaker’ to open up the popup where you can do an ad-hoc addition to the list. 

Click here to learn more about adding a Speakers section to your registration website. 

Removing A Speaker From A Session

You can add more than one speakers to each session. To remove a speaker from a session, simply click the ‘X’ next to their name on the pill button.

Once you have filled in your session details, click ‘Add’ and watch your added session appear. 

Editing A Session

To edit a session, click on it to head to the view where you input the session details. Always remember to save periodically to avoid losing your updates in case of any accidents. Once you are done editing, click on the ‘X’ on the right of the ‘Save’ button to exit the screen. 

Deleting A Session

To delete a session, click on it to head to the view where you input the session details. Click on the ‘Delete Session’ button to remove it.

Deleting A Day

To delete a day, first make sure its corresponding tab in the Date Bar is selected. You will not be able to delete a day if there are existing sessions listed within the day. You will have to delete all the sessions in the day you would like to delete first. This is to prevent accidental loss of work. Once that is done, click on ‘Delete Day’ to effect the change. 

Time Format

Feel free to switch between the 12-hour and 24-hour clock anytime by toggling the switch located on the right of the Page Title Bar. 

List VS Grid 

You can also toggle between the classic list view and a timetable grid view using the list and grid icons at the right of the Page Title Bar. We recommend using the grid view if your event has many concurrent sessions. 

Sort Spaces By Columns

When the grid view is selected, there will be an additional option of sorting Event Spaces by columns. This function is turned on by default and you can choose to turn it on if you wish by checked the box labelled ‘Sort Spaces By Columns’ at the right of the Page Title Bar. 


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