Certain event programmes might sometimes be held at various spaces within a venue. This is especially so for events with multiple breakout or concurrent sessions. This guide shows you how to manage your Event Spaces.

First, check that you are in the correct Event Workspace. In the Event Menu, click on Event Details > Spaces. Doing so will bring you to the Manage Event Spaces page.

Adding A Space 

Click on ‘+ New Space’ and input the details of your event space. Only the space's name is a required field. It is optional to add in the capacity and image. Once you are done, click ‘Add Space’ to save your changes and see your new space being added.  

Editing A Space

To edit a space, hover over the space in question to reveal the edit icon. Click on it to bring back the popup where you can make changes to the information about your space. Click the ‘Edit Space’ button once you are done to save your updates.

Deleting A Space 

To delete a space, hover over the space in question to reveal the trashcan icon. Click on it to remove the space. 

Adding A Session To A Space

In the Programme section of the Registration Website, spaces can be allocated to sessions. Doing so will allow guests to know where each particular session is held at. Adding sessions to Event Spaces also works together with the grid view of the agenda if the option to ‘Sort Spaces By Columns’ has been enabled. Find out more about Setting Up & Managing An Event Programme.    


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