This article describes Step 5 of Adding A Form Section. If you have already completed the previous steps, you should find yourself on the Manage Ticketing & Forms page within your correct Event Workspace. If not, kindly make your way there before following the directions in this guide.

Vouchers offering guests a discounted ticket price are a great way to encourage them to sign up for your event. You can create various types of vouchers with different discount percentages. Click on the ‘Vouchers’ tab beside ‘Ticket Class’ to manage your event vouchers. 

Adding A Voucher 

Give your voucher a name and select the Ticket Class that it can be applied for. Enter the discount percentage you would like to set for this voucher, and a voucher code for guests to apply when checking out. To prevent any unauthorized usage, you should try to come up with less predictable voucher codes. For example, rather than using something generic and can be easily guessed like 50OFF, try something like 50OFFX5Y0Z8.

You can also set the maximum quantity of this set of vouchers by clicking ‘Set Capacity’ and typing in a number. Click on ‘Add Voucher’ once you are done and see your voucher appear. 

If you want the voucher to only be applicable if you purchase a minimum of e.g. 2 tickets, you use the "Min. Tickets Per Booking" drop down and set the minimum quantity required.

To add another voucher, click on ‘+ New Voucher’ and repeat the steps described above. 

Editing A Voucher 

To edit a voucher, simply hover over the voucher in question to reveal its edit icon. Click on it to summon a popup where you can edit your voucher. Once you are done, click on ‘Edit Voucher’ to save your changes.

Deleting A Voucher

To delete a voucher, hover over the voucher in question to reveal the trashcan icon. Click on it to remove the voucher. 

Using Vouchers

We might be stating the obvious here, but remember that you’ll have to let your guests know of the voucher codes before they can use it upon check out when they're signing up!   

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