This article describes Step 4 of Adding A Form Section. If you have already completed the previous steps, you should find yourself on the Manage Ticketing & Forms page within your correct Event Workspace. If not, kindly make your way there before following the directions in this guide.  

If you have any payable Ticket Class, you’ll have to connect a Payment Gateway for your guests to make payment upon registering. Click on the ‘Payment Gateway’ tab beside ‘Vouchers’. You will be able to choose between connecting a Stripe or a Paypal account. Click on your preferred choice to proceed.  


First, click here to check if Stripe is supported in your country. 

Using Stripe is really easy. All you have to do is click on 'Connect with Stripe' and you will be redirected to Stripe's page for you to authorize Onlive access to accepting payments with your account. 

When you are at the page, sign in to your account (or create one if you haven't) and confirm the connection. You will be redirected back to Onlive where you will see that Stripe has been connected! 

You can disconnect Stripe from Onlive at any time by going to your Connect dashboard in Stripe. Head over to Stripe’s FAQ to learn more.  


To use this gateway, you will first need to have Paypal Checkout. Then, create a live app from this page. Feel free to give the app any name. Once you are done, copy the Client ID and Secret Key and add them to Onlive's dashboard.  

Handling Fee

For both options, you’ll be able to set a handling fee if applicable. Select the radio button labelled 'Set Percentage' and enter a numeric value to do so. Please note that the handling fee percentage that you see by default (when the option is selected) is our estimate of our fees in addition to your payment gateway's fees. This amount comes on top of your ticket price.


You can also choose to implement a GST/VAT fee if need be by selecting the radio button labelled ‘Set Percentage’ and entering a numeric value in the field. This will appear as a separate line item in the receipt to your guests and you can choose to include or exclude it in your ticket price by toggling the switch. 

Once you are done, click ‘Add Gateway’ to complete your set up. 

Note: If you have set a tax fee, you can choose which ticket(s) to apply this GST/VAT to when creating a Ticket Class that is paid. 


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