This article describes Step 6 of Adding A Form Section. If you have already completed the previous steps, you should find yourself on the Manage Ticketing & Forms page within your correct Event Workspace. If not, kindly make your way there before following the directions in this guide.

By now, you should have at least one Ticket Class, its accompanying Form and Confirmation Notice ready. This guide will show you how you can control when a Form opens or closes. 

In your Event Menu, click on the ‘Event Solutions’ tab to expand it. Then click on ‘Registration Website’. Under Website Sections, click on the Form widget. You are now in the Registration Website Form Section page and should see a card labelled with your Ticket Class / Form name. Click on it to expand the card. 

Form Expiry 

Here, you will be able to control when guests can sign up for a particular Ticket Class by controlling when its accompanying Form opens or closes. 

Closing/Opening A Form Manually 

By default, Forms are always opened such that registration can begin once your website has been published. If you have previously set a maximum capacity for your Ticket Class, its accompanying Form will automatically close once the number of registrations for that Ticket Class has reached your set capacity. You'll learn how to enable the Waitlist Function in the next step of this series.

In the case whereby you have already published your website, but do not want guests to start signing up yet, you can manually close the Form by toggling the switch from ‘Opened’ to ‘Closed’, and vice versa whenever you’d like to open your Form. Remember to click ‘Save’ before leaving the page for your changes to take effect.  

Closing A Form Automatically

You can also give your Form an expiration date, such that it will automatically close at a preset date and time. This feature is particularly convenient if your event is running early bird discounts, etc. To do this, check the box labelled ‘Form closes on expiry date’ and set a closing date and time. Click ‘Save’ and you’re set!

Form Description 

Here, you can give your Form a description to let your guests know what its respective Ticket Class entails. Form Descriptions will show up in the ticket overview if you have multiple Ticket Classes. Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’ once you are done. 


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