This article describes Step 8 of Adding A Form Section. If you have already completed the previous steps, you should find yourself on the Registration Website Form Section page within your correct Event Workspace. If not, kindly make your way there before following the directions in this guide.

Before guests can complete their registration, they would have to check a box to accept Onlive’s General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You’ll be able to add your own disclaimer and additional terms too. To do so, expand the ‘Disclaimer’ widget by clicking on it. 

Disclaimer Message 

Feel free to add a disclaimer which can also serve as an explanation to your guests as to why you are asking for the information required in your Form. 

Additional Terms

If you have any additional terms to protect the interests of your event or company, you can also add it here. However, do note that Onlive’s terms will always have precedence over yours. 

Once you are done, click ‘Save’. Your disclaimer is now added as a popup link to the end of all your Forms together with ours.


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