The Communication Channel Control Panel is where you can oversee all forms of communication going on among the stakeholders of your event. Always check that you are in the correct Event Workspace before making any changes here. You can do so by checking the event name on the banner of your Event Menu.

The following widgets are found in the Communication Channel Control Panel:

  • Page Title Bar 

  • Email Settings

  • Compose - Waitlist Invitation, Invitation, Nudger, Reminder, Thank You, Other

  • Manage - Invitees, Attendees

  • Communication Log - Email, SMS

Page Title Bar

This widget, that can always be found near the top of the screen, tells you which page you are currently at. On the left of the page title, there is a left arrow button ‘<’ that will bring you back to the previous page you were at when clicked on. 

Depending on which page within the Communication Channel Solution you are at, what you will see on the right side of the Page Title Bar would be slightly different. In the Communication Channel Control Panel, the amount of email credits you have left is displayed there.

Email Settings

This is where you can set up your email sender and reply-to inbox. 


Every event goes through various stages, during which there are different things that needs to be communicated. We have classified these types of notices into six categories and gave each of them slightly different email designer elements for better ease of use. The differences are summarized in the table below:  


All recipients are classified into two broad categories - Invitees and Attendees - and can be managed from their respective lists from the widgets here. 

Communication Log 

Here, you will be able to see a summary of all the emails and SMSes that you have drafted, queued, and sent within your event. You can also carry out other actions such as viewing them, duplicating a particular email or SMS, and accessing the reports of the email or SMS sent.


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