Before you can send anyone any emails using our Communication Channel Solution, you will first need to initialize your email settings. That includes setting up your email sender and reply-to inbox.

To set up the Communication Channel Solution for a particular event, select the event in question from Home. At the Solutions Overview page, select Communication Channel. Click on the ‘General’ widget under Email Settings.

Email Sender

The email sender is the email address that will be used to send emails to your guests. You have the following options:

  • Onlive’s Email sender

  • Your Own Custom Email Sender

Onlive's Subdomain

This is the free and basic option that is available to everyone. For users on a Free account, this is the only option available. A subdomain essentially means that your email will be part of the hierarchy under our larger domain under In Email Address settings, you'll see that the default is

Your Own Custom Email Address

We understand that for some event organizers, it's really important to have a steady brand presence right from the get-go. You can use your own custom email address by clicking on ‘Use A Custom Email Address’ and filling up the form. 

Host Name: SMTP Server
Username: Your mail provider username
Password: Your mail provider password
Email Address: Your email address
Name: This is the sender name
Port: 587 / 465 / 25
Security / Protocol: Unencrypted / TLS / SSL
Auth: Ture / False 

Sender Name

Regardless of the email address option you choose above, you will still be able to add a custom sender name that will be associated with emails that you send with our Communication Channel. 

Reply-To Inbox 

The reply-to function is switched off by default. However, if you would like for your guests to be able to reply to your emails, you can turn it on by toggling the switch labelled ‘Allow recipients to reply to my emails’ and then typing in your desired email address in the ‘Receiver Email Address’ field. 

Important: Make sure that you have access to the inbox of whichever email address you have entered there! We cannot stress this enough! 

Once you are done with all the set-up, click 'Save' to save your changes. 


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