An Invitation is used to notify a selected group of Invitees about your event. Onlive EMS allows you to easily send either a standard invitation to all your Invitees, or a custom one to each Invitee Class. The latter is great if you have a password protected form, or if you would like to inform certain Invitees of special voucher codes.  

First, always make sure that you are within the correct Event Workspace. You can check by looking at your event name in the Event Menu. Head over to the Communication Channel Control Panel by clicking Event Solutions > Communication Channel in your Event Menu. 

You can only start composing emails after setting up your communication channel

Step 1. Adding & Managing Invitee

Before composing an invitation, make sure that you have all the right invitees listed under the correct invitation classes. You can do so by clicking the ‘Manage Invitees’ widget under Manage. Learn more about Adding & Managing Invitees

Once everything is in order, click on the ‘<’ button on the left of the Page Title Bar to head back to the Communication Channel Control Panel. Then, click on the ‘Invitation’ widget to compose your letter.

Step 2. Selecting Recipients

Under ‘Send To’, select who you want this email to be sent to. You can send it to everyone listed in your Invitees List by checking the box labelled ‘All Invitees’, or only those listed under specific Invitation Class(es) by checking only the Invitation Class(es) in question. 

You can also send it to selected individuals. To do so, check the box labelled ‘Individuals’ and then select their names from the dropdown menu. To remove a selected individual, click on the ‘X’ beside their name in the pill button above the dropdown menu. 

Based on your selection, the number of selected recipients will be reflected on the top right of this widget. 

NOTE: If your email is not reaching it might be because Invitees who has already registered or declined will NOT receive the invitation. 

Step 3. Giving Your Email A Subject 

Under ‘Subject’, key in your email subject in the field provided. 

Step 4. Attaching Files (Optional) 

If you have any files to attach, feel free to do so under ‘Attachment’. 

Maximum Size: 5MB | Supported files: doc, xls, ppt, pdf, gif, jpg, png, zip

Step 5. Designing Your Email 

Logo (Optional)

Add your event or company logo by clicking the ‘+ Logo’ button. A logo element will be added to your email, click on it to make customizations. The default logo used is the Onlive logo. Click on the blue ‘X’ to remove our branding before clicking on the blue box with ‘+ Add Image’ to upload your logo. To change an uploaded logo, simply repeat those steps.  

Recommended size: Max Height 200px 

Supported formats: jpg, png, gif

Once that is done, you can choose to have your logo placed on the left or at the center. You can also change the fill colour of the logo element by typing in a colour code (i.e. #FFFFFF), or by using the colour picker. 

If you have an event banner, you can add it to your email too. Click ‘+ Banner’ to introduce a banner element, then click on it to make customizations. You will find that a placeholder image has been added. Click on the blue ‘X’ at the top right of the image to remove it, then click ‘+ Add Image’ in the blue box to upload your own banner. 

Recommended size:  1200px wide

Supported formats:  jpg, png, gif


You have to give your email a body before you can place text, images, and buttons in it. Click on ‘+ Body’ to do so. Feel free to change its fill colour too.


To add text into your email, click ‘+ Textbox’ to insert a textbox element. Click on the added element to replace the lorem ipsum and to make styling customizations. You can add as many textboxes as you like. 

Image (Optional)

To add images, click ‘+ Image’ to introduce an image element. Click on the image element to replace the image by clicking the blue ‘X’ and uploading your desired picture. You can add as many images as you like, but note that adding too many images in an email increases the likelihood of it being flagged as spam by mail servers!  

Recommended size: 1200px wide

Supported formats: jpg, png, gif

Include an ICS attachment and calendar links so that your guests can easily save your event date to their calendars. You can do so by clicking the ‘+ Calendar Link’ button. Click on the calendar element to customize how the link will look like in your email.

Register Button

Allow guests to access your event website directly from your email. You can do so by clicking the ‘+ Register Button’ button. Click on the element to customize how the button should look like. You can also change the button label to a more suitable Call To Action of your own. 

Decline Button

Don’t want to be left hanging? Allow guests to decline your invitation so that you will know which invitees are not interested. Click the ‘+ Decline Button’ button and then customize it by clicking on the generated element. 


Spacer simply allows you to add one (or more) spaces between your buttons!

Step 6. Save / Send / Schedule

Saving A Draft

Sometimes we might need to shelf an email aside and come back to it another time. To do this, click ‘Save’ and give this draft a name before exiting. Your draft will be saved under the 'Templates' section in the Communication Channel Control Panel.  

Whenever you’d like to continue working on your draft, simply click on the pen icon to edit it.   

Sending Your Email

Once you are happy with your creation, simply click ‘Send’ to send it out! Your email will be added under the Communication Log in the Communication Reports where its status should show either ‘Delivered’ or 'Bounced'.  

Scheduling Your Email 

To send out your email at a later date or time, click on the clock icon beside the ‘Send’ button. A popup will appear where you can set the timezone, date, and time whereby you’d like the email to be sent. Click ‘Schedule’ once you are done. Your email will be added under the 'Scheduled Messages' section in the Communication Channel Control Panel until it is time for it to be sent.    

You can still delete your scheduled email before it has been sent out. To do so, simply click on the trashcan icon! 


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