To access your Communication Reports, make sure you are in the correct Event Workspace before clicking 'Event Reports' > 'Communication' in the Event Menu. 

Here, you'll see that the page has 4 tabs:

Key Statistics

In this page, we have provided some handy metrics for you to keep track of your communications as well as its success. 

Emails and SMS Sent

The first two cards you'll see are really straightforward - they simply show you the number of emails and SMSes that you have sent out from within our system. This includes emails across all categories except confirmation emails. 

Emails/SMS Sent by Status

Here, you'll see a pie chart to show you the breakdown of the statuses of the emails/SMS that you have sent out. This shows you how receptive your guests are to your emails/SMS. Here are what the different results mean:

This is the most obvious one! The delivered rate shows the proportion of emails/SMS that actually left your sender server and landed in the recipient's server. However, your emai/SMSl being "delivered" does not necessarily mean that it has landed in your recipient's inbox. Bear in mind that it is impossible for anyone other than that recipient to know if the message was delivered to their inbox or their junk folder. 

Read our article on the best practices for email sending to increase conversion rates!

Opened (Email only)
This shows the proportion of delivered emails that have been opened at least once by your recipient. It's a great way to know if people actually want to read your messages or if they ignore them and bin them straight away. We want this statistic to be as high as possible, of course!

Clicked (Email only)
Now, this is the most ideal action that we'd like your recipients to take. This represents the proportion of opened emails that contain links that have been clicked on at least once. This could be links to your registration website or other links that you might have included in there. This excludes 'unsubscribe' links. This statistic is crucial to show you how your recipients are actually interacting with your emails and it also shows if your content is interesting enough for them to go to your website. Click rates are an excellent sign of interest and can help you shape your next communication tactic.

This is the only negative statistic that we would ideally like to avoid. A bounce rate means that the email/SMS didn't reach the recipient's inbox and this could be for a variety of reasons. It could be that the recipient's inbox is too full or there has been a connection timeout, or for SMS that the mobile number they provided was incorrect. It could also be because of an invalid email address (if it has been mistyped, for example). These bounced emails could negatively affect your sender reputation so it's important to go through the emails that have bounced and delete them from your system. You can see this from your email log.

Emails Sent by Type

This simply shows you the breakdown between the categories of emails that you have sent. Read more about each type in the related articles below.

Email Log

Here you'll see the detailed breakdown of all emails that you have sent, to who, and their statuses. 


As with the email log, you'll see all the SMSes that you have sent from the system listed in this page. 

Notification Log

This shows the notifications you have sent to your guests


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