With our pay-as-you-go scheme, it is absolutely free to get started planning your events. As you go along, you might notice certain features in our platform that are indicated in purple. They are the premium features and are locked for events under the Free account. If you would like to use any of the locked features for a particular event, all you have to do is upgrade that event. 

Step 1: Upgrade Now

You can upgrade any event at any time while working on it. Simply click on the ‘Upgrade’ button located at the bottom of your Main Menu or Event Menu. You can also click on any of the purple premium features, and you’ll be prompted to upgrade with the same button. 

Step 2: Check Your Personal Particulars

When you are on the Upgrade Now page, check that all the pre-filled fields under Personal Information are correct. 

Step 3: Check Your Order Summary

On the right of the Upgrade Now page, you will see your Order Summary. Check that the event listed there is the one which you would like to upgrade. If it is not, click on ‘Not This Event?’ and then select the correct event.

Once everything is in order, click ‘Next’ to proceed to check-out.  

Step 4: Check-Out 

Key in your card details and billing address. If you have a voucher, enter the code in the field to apply it. Once your voucher code has been verified, you should see the discount being reflected in pink under your Order Summary. 

Click ‘Confirm’ to complete your upgrade. 

Step 5: Hooray!

Congratulations, your upgrade for the selected event has been completed! 

The invoice will be emailed to you after your event has ended. Feel free to explore and make full use of all the new features that you have just unlocked! 

Click ‘Finish’ to head to the Billing page where you can manage your added card and keep track of your transaction history.    


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