After you have upgraded an event, your card details will automatically be saved under Billing, so that you would not need to re-enter all that information the next time you perform an upgrade. You can change or delete the saved card which your event is being billed to. 

Changing A Card

This action can be performed any time, and there are two ways to go about doing it. 

From The Billing Page

Head to the Billing page from the Main Menu. 

Once you are there, you will see your saved card listed under 'Billed To'. Hover over it to reveal the arrow icon. Click on it to summon a popup where you can input your new card details. Do remember to click 'Save' after updating the information. 

When Upgrading An Event 

During the checkout process of upgrading your second event onward, your saved card will be displayed under 'Card'. You can choose to change a billing card by clicking 'Use Another Card' and then keying in the information of the new card that you wish to use. 

Deleting A Card

This action can only be performed after payment has been received from all the events that are billed to the card. 

To do so, head to Billing from the Main Menu. Once you are there, hover over your saved card that is listed under 'Billed To' to reveal the trashcan icon. Click on it to delete your card.  


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