We understand that as event organizers, you might have recurring events all the time. It can be tedious (not to mention, a huge waste of time!) to create a new event with the same old details, all over again, from scratch. That is why we came up with the 'Duplicate' function for you to copy and paste an event in just a few clicks of the mouse 😉

For a start, make sure you are at the Home page. If you are not, head over there by clicking the 'Onlive' logo positioned on the left side of the Top Bar.  

Under your Event List, hover over the event which you would like to duplicate to reveal the hidden action icons. Click on the clipboard icon to duplicate the event. In the popup, enter a new name for this copy and then click the 'Duplicate' button once you are done. That's it! Easy as pie.  

Please note that if the Registration Website solution has been utilized in the event that was duplicated, you will have to re-key in a domain name, and re-publish that site for the duplicated event. This precaution is to make sure that you do not accidentally publish a website with inaccurate information!

This feature is coming soon for users who are on any one of our Subscription Plans. Please stay tuned!


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