Hooray! Your event has ended with a bang, it's time to catch up on some zzzzs. But wait! What will happen to it now that it is done and dusted?

Archiving An Event

Every event that is hosted on Onlive will automatically be archived after it has ended. An archived event will have its shortcut removed from the 'My Events' tab in the Main Menu. It will, however, still be accessible from your Event List in Home

All the statistics gathered from an archived event will also still be a part of the figures in your All-Time Reports. You will still be able to extract information from an archived events by generating a Custom Filter Report, or by visiting its event-specific reports found in its Event Workspace.    

Deleting An Event

On the other hand, a deleted event, as its status implies, will vanish from the Onlive platform. No trace of it will be left behind and hence its statistics cannot be retrieved once this irreversible action has been taken. If you are certain that you no longer want to see anything related to an event ever again, feel free to put it in the trash.  

To delete an event, first make sure that you are at the Home page. You can get there by clicking the 'Onlive' logo on the left of the Top Bar. Scroll down to the bottom half of the page to your Event List and search for the event that you would like to delete. At the end of the event record, you will see a trash can icon. Click on this to delete your event permanently.

A warning will popup to remind you about the irrevocable action you are about to take. Do think twice because once an event is deleted, we won't be able to bring it back for you! Once you have made up your mind, click the 'Delete Forever' button to proceed.

Poof! Your event is now deleted!


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