The Attendance Reports works hand in hand with our Attendance Checker solution. It helps to monitor check-ins, and thus guests' attendance.

To access your Attendance Reports, make sure you are in the correct Event Workspace before clicking 'Event Reports' > 'Attendance' in the Event Menu. 

Key Statistics

On this tab, you can get an overview on the total amount of people checked in for the main event, or your individual sessions if you have enabled session check-ins, over a selected period of time. With the help of graphs and pie charts, you will be able to visualize the data better.

Check-Ins Over Time 

This graph charts the number of check-ins over time. It is a good way to monitor the peak periods when guests arrive. 

Total Check-Ins

This simply shows the total number of attendees who have showed up to your event. 

Total Registrations By Attendance Status

This pie chart offers a quick visual cue as to how many registered guests turned up for your event. 

Total Check-Ins By Method

This pie chart will show you the most common method used by your guests to check themselves in so that you have an idea of their preferences. 

Attendance Report

The Attendance Report is where we go into more detail of all the registered guests and their attendance statuses. Read more about it here


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