The Attendance Checker app can also be used for your sessions as well for you to keep track of attendance for your breakout sessions. 

Implementing Session Check-In

Make sure that you're in the correct Event Workspace, then click 'Solutions' in your Event Menu and select 'Attendance Checker'. Once you're in the Attendance Checker Control Panel, you'll find a 'Sessions' widget listed under 'Check-In Settings'. Click it. 

Here, you should be able to implement check-in apps for any or all of the multiple sessions that you have created for this event. To implement check-in for a particular session, simply turn on the switch for the session in question.  

Customizing Session Check-In Success Messages 

The look and feel of your check-in app will follow the design settings that you have setup in the 'Design' widget. However, the success message for your session check-in can be a different one that is shown for your event check-in. You can even use a different success message for each of your session check-in!  

Using The Same Success Message Across All Session Check-Ins 

It isn't necessary to use a custom success message for each session. If you would like to use the same success message for each session, you'll be able to do so by setting a master success message in the 'Design' widget. Learn how to do this by reading this guide.  

Using Different Success Messages For Only Some Session Check-Ins

You can choose to have a generic session check-in success message for most of your sessions but unique ones for a select few. To do that, you will first have to set up a master in the 'Design' widget. Learn how to do this by reading this guide. This master will be applied to all your sessions with check-in implemented. 

To customize the success message for certain sessions, head back to the 'Sessions' widget described at the start of this article. Under the 'Success Message' column, click 'Customize' on the sessions that you would like to use a different message from the master. You will be able to set up a different message from here. 

Click 'Save' to save your changes. You should see that the button has changed from 'Customize' to 'Edit'. This indicates that the success message for that session will no longer follow the master, but will instead be the one you have just customized. Simply do the same for the rest of the sessions you would like to customize.   

Using A Different Success Message For Each Session Check-In

To use a different check-in success message for every session, you don't have to set up a master. Instead, you can just customize them within the 'Sessions' widget. Click here to learn about the options available for setting up a success message. 


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