Our solution allows you to print out badges automatically when your guests check in during your event! Feel free to skip this if you are not printing badges for your guests. To enable this function, you'll have to set it up first and this guide will show you how!  

Once you're in the correct Event Workspace, click 'Solutions' in your Event Menu and select 'Attendance Checker'. Once you're in the Attendance Checker Control Panel, click the 'Badging' widget listed under 'Check-In Settings'.

Step 1. Select Printing Method 

Depending on the devices available to you, select one of the 3 following printing methods:

Step 2. Retrieve Access Token (Google Cloud Print Only)

If you have opted to use Google Cloud Print in the previous step, there are a few more things to be done. 

  1. Add your printer(s) to Google Cloud Print

  2. Click 'Authorize Google Cloud Print' button in Onlive platform

  3. In the Google OAuth popup browser, select the account with your printer(s) 

  4. Allow Onlive.io to access that account

Once your access token has been retrieved, you should see a success screen that tells you that it is safe to close the popup browser.   

Step 3. Define Printed Fields 

Next, you can define the fields that you need printed on your badge. By default, you should see:

  • QR Code

  • Standard Fields

  • Internal Fields (if any) 

You can also add Custom Fields by clicking '+ Custom Field' and checking those fields in the popup. Feel free to select up to 8 fields to be printed on the badge. 

Read more about Standard Fields, Internal Fields and Custom Fields.   

After you are happy with your selection, you can also rearrange the fields in the order that you want them to be printed from top to bottom. You can do so by holding and dragging the cards. 

Do note that you will need to have selected QR Code as your check-in method to be able to select the option. Once selected, it will automatically be placed on the left (landscape) or top (portrait) depending on the orientation of your badge. Printing QR codes for your guests will come in very handy for your guests if you have session check-in implemented! 

Step 4. Adjust Print Settings

Define Badge Size

If you're using a standard badge size, simply select from the options available to you. If you have a custom sized badge, select 'Custom' and key in the size of your badge in millimeters. 

Select Orientation

Don't forget to select your badge orientation as well! 

Define Printable Area

You can define the margins of your badge so that the app knows not to print over any logos that you might have printed on your badge templates beforehand. 


Finally, you can select the font and text colour for the printed fields on your badge. 

Step 5. Set Up App & Printer

All that's left is to set up your app and printer on the day of the event. We recommend conducting test prints prior to your event day to ensure everything goes smoothly on the actual day. Click here to find out how to set up your app and printer.  


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