Issuing refunds to your guests can sometimes be complicated and an overall unpleasant experience. We have streamlined this process to make the process less unbearable. 

To issue a refund, first make sure that you are in the correct Event Workspace. Then, in the Event Menu, click 'Reports' > 'Revenue'. Select the 'Transactions' tab. You should see a list of all transactions for your event and their details. 

All you have to do is to click on 'Refund' at the end of the row corresponding to the guest(s) whom you would like to issue the refund. A popup will appear where you can choose between issuing a full or partial refund. 

Issuing A Full Refund

To issue a full refund, make sure that the 'Full Refund' option is selected before clicking the 'Refund' button. 

Issuing A Partial Refund

To issue a partial refund, select the 'Partial Refund' option. A numeric field will appear for you to input the refund amount. Click the 'Refund' button once you have filled in the field.  

Once processed, you should see that the 'Status' column for the refunded attendee have been updated with your refund details. Do note that refunded attendee(s) will still remain in the Attendee List for your event. You can head over there to manually remove them from your event should you find the need to. 


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