The Attendance Checker Control Panel is where you can set up the self check-in app for your event. Always check that you are in the correct Event Workspace before making any changes here. You can do so by checking the event name on the banner of your Event Menu.

The following widgets are found in the Attendance Checker Control Panel:

  • Page Title Bar 

  • Manage Attendees

  • Set-Up Instructions

  • Permissions

  • Check-In Method

  • Design

  • Walk-In Registration

  • Badging

  • Sessions

Page Title Bar

This widget, that can always be found near the top of the screen, tells you which page you are currently at. On the left of the page title, there is a left arrow button ‘<’ that will bring you back to the previous page you were at when clicked on. 

Depending on which page within the Attendance Checker Solution you are at, what you will see on the right side of the Page Title Bar would be slightly different. The 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons can usually be found there. 

Manage Attendees

Clicking this widget will bring you directly to the Master Attendee List for your event. From there, you will be able to add or remove attendees. You can read more about how to do so from here

Set-Up Instructions

This widget provides a quick link to the FAQ library for all articles related to setting up this solution. 


You can set up your check-in app and report access passwords here

Check-In Method

You can select the method of check-in from here


Clicking this widget will bring you to the design settings of your check-in app where you can customize your success messages and the look and feel of your app. 

Walk-In Registration

You will also be able to customize a walk-in registration form from here


If you need to print name badges upon check in for your guests, you can set up the printers and print settings by clicking this widget. 


This widget allows you to implement check-in for sessions and to customize the check-in success message for each sessions too. 


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