A check-in app is a simple solution to mitigate bottleneck situations that tend to occur at the start of most events when manual registration cannot keep up with a sudden influx of guest arrivals. You can set up as many self check-in kiosks as you need simply by downloading the app into an X number of devices such as an iPad.

Learn the basics of Navigating The Attendance Checker Control Panel, or follow through these 10 steps to create your event check-in app now!   

Step 1 

Make sure you are within the correct Event Workspace to which you would like to add this solution. You can do so by checking the event name on the banner of your Event Menu. Not sure what an Event Menu is, or how to get to your ideal workspace? Orientate yourself first by learning the ropes of Navigating Event Workspaces.   

Step 2

In the Event Menu, click on Solutions > Attendance Checker. You’ll be directed to the Attendance Checker Control Panel for setting up everything related to your event check-in app.

Step 3

Restrict access to your check-in app and attendance reports by setting up your permissions

Step 4

Select your preferred check-in method. You can choose from basic search, QR code, or facial recognition. 

Step 5 

Personalize the look and feel of your check-in app, and change the message to show to your guests upon successful check-in.  

Step 6 (Optional)

If you would like to accept walk-in registrations at your event, you can also customize your walk-in registration form to be accessed from the app. This step can be ignored if you would like to use our default form or if your event is not accepting walk-in registrations. 

Step 7 (Optional) 

You can also choose to print badges upon successful check-in. Learn how to setup your printer and print settings here

Step 8 (Optional)

Implement check-in for sessions to better monitor attendance. You will be able to customize the success message for each session as well as choose which sessions to implement the check-in. Read more about it here

Step 9 

Set up the Attendance Checker for your event! You'll have to download the app and set it up for your event.  

Step 10

Now that all is done, you can sit back, relax and monitor your live attendance reports from the app. Read more here to find out how to access the reports and walk-in registration forms from your check-in app. 


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