Knowing who showed up to your events or sessions is super important to any event organizer, and Onlive's Attendance Checker solution can help with that. 

Accessing Attendance Reports

Make sure that you are in the correct Event Workspace and select 'Reports' > 'Attendance' from your Event Menu. Then click on the 'Attendance Report' tab beside 'Key Statistics'.

Here, you'll see your Main Event, and a list of all sessions with check-in implemented

Viewing Attendance Reports

To view an attendance report, hover over it to reveal the hidden action icons. Clicking the document icon will allow you to view the report within your browser without downloading it. 

You will be able to see either all the registered guests in the selected event or session, or only the checked-in or absent guests. From here, you can also export the reports or check guests in or out if needed. 

Editing Permissions

To edit who can view each attendance reports and set the permissible actions for a particular report, click on the pen icon along its row. You will be able to toggle 'Allow Exports' and 'Allow Editing'. Editing here simply means that anyone invited to this report will be able to check guests in or out. Do note that guests' information are not editable in the attendance reports and can only be updated from the attendee reports! 


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