All-time reports and its Custom Filtered Reports allows organizers to structure data across multiple events. From here you can explore who was eg. Invited, Registered, and Attended. Or maybe you want to find out how often a specific Job Title or Company attended all of your events. 

Step 1:  Select the Events or Duration you wish to search and filter in

In the image above we have now selected all our live events. Now press the ADD FILTER button.

Now let's add some conditions. In the first scenario we will want to find out everyone who was Registered, Attended and also Those who didn't show up.

First let's click "Match ANY" so that we select all records.  Then click Guest Status.

To Clarify  Match All vs Match Any - it simply means whether you would like all or only any of your search filters to apply. 

E.g. If I set 2 filters - Company is A and First Name is John. 

Match All will give me only participants with first name John AND from Company A 

Match Any will give me any participants called John (regardless of their company) AND any participants from Company A (regardless of their first names)

Now lets's add our Statuses

By repeating the action across all guest statuses we can now detect who was registered, absent and checked-in. Pretty neat. 

For something more advanced you could repeat the above and select a Filter such as Job Title or Company name and that way detect only that company.

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