If you are on a subscription plan you can easily add all of your colleagues as team members. Just head over to the "Team & Permission" section.

To add a user, click + New User in the top right corner.

Simply fill in the details of the user that you would like to add here. You can set a temporary password for them to access this event which they can change upon their first login.

Once you invite them, they'll be sent an invitation email to view or collaborate with you on your event.

User Types & Permissions

Now, we know that there are typically multiple stakeholders when it comes to event planning and organisation. That's why we've created three tiers of access that you can choose from when it comes to adding users.

If you would like to add an additional owner this individual would have the same rights as you to add users and create teams.


Your event co-owner is someone that will be granted the same levels of access as you. They will be able to do everything that you can do - including upgrading or deleting the event!


Collaborators are probably the people who will be of great help to you when it comes to content population. They will be allowed to update or edit existing modules. However, they will not be able to upgrade or delete your event.

As they also have control over email/SMS sending and reporting data, do keep in mind that when you add a co-owner or collaborator, this gives them the ability to use features that are subject to cost.


The observers that you add to your event will have a more passive role. They might be a client who just needs to know what's going on with the event solutions without actually having a hand in the building or editing process. They are only allowed to view, edit, and download the specific reports to which they are invited.

That's pretty much it! We hope you find this feature handy. Teamwork makes the dream work!


If you would like to split your team into multiple units you can create teams. This way one team only see their events.

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