Onlive supports adding pre-recorded videos either as live streams, or on-demand recordings to sessions.

Within your broadcast studio, navigate to the VIDEOS tab, where you will see the blue "+Upload Video" button. Click here to upload your video.

Note: The max size for a video upload is 4GB.

It will take a while for the video to process as it's being re-encoded to fit our stream however once it has been processed you have the option to:

(1) Add to stream - this would make the video stream to your existing stream. For this to work your studio must be LIVE.

(2) Add as Recording - this is mostly used for on-demand viewing after a session has ended. Where people can (re-)watch the video.

* After adding to stream, make sure to press GO LIVE again. You can also access your recordings from the RECORDINGS tab. Recordings are generated when you press the END STREAM button.

In addition to add as on-demand or to stream you also have the option to download your recordings.

upload video

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