live streaming

1. Invite speakers that you want to have in your studio via a (password protected) weblink.

2. The host share your screen.

3. The host camera view.

4. The Stream watermark is added to your stream/recording. The watermark can be changed from "Stream Settings".

5. Interface is used to change your layout of your studio.

6. Videos can be used to; i) upload videos to add to stream or ii) access your stream recording that you can either stream live or add to the session as an on-demand playback.

7. Q&A is where the audience questions come in. If moderation is turned on you will have to approve these questions before they are seen by the audience.

8. Polls is for launching and viewing poll results.

9. The speaker live chat is a great tool for communicating with your speakers.

10. Stream settings controls all settings related to your stream - if it should be delivered over Onlive stream or YouTube should be embedded, which studio to use (Onlive or third-party), secondary destinations, and watermarks.

11. When Go live is pressed the stream is started in the app. When Go offline is pressed the stream stops and recording is generated.

12. Live viewers show the current number of live viewers.

Note: You can have **maximum of 19 speakers including the host** in the studio at the same time. However, please be aware that only 8 people can be on screen and total 19 with audio. When audio is detected from the audio only clients, they will replace the idle video clients.

Port 443 must be open on the client network. We recommend a minimum dedicated 1000kb/s down per downloaded stream, as well as 1000kb/s up per uploaded stream to maintain a stable video connection.

Update: Mini Video Player

Now when attendees enter to watch a stream, they can navigate out of the session and explore the rest of the platform while still watching the stream on the mini player at the bottom right. Attendees can leave the studio when they click the 'Leave' button or click the 'x' button on the upper right corner of the mini video player.

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