As discussed in our "Setting up secondary streams" article, you can link your Onlive streaming to secondary destinations; Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo, Twitter Periscope, Twitch and Crowdcast.

Here we will outline how you retrieve the Stream key and URL from Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter Periscope and Twitch.

1. Facebook Live

On the Facebook page you wish to stream to, select "Live Video" or "Create Live" just under your status bar/create post bar. Select where you want the live video to be streamed then "Use Stream Key". This will bring up the URL and Stream Key which you can then copy and paste into your Onlive account (as shown in the article "Setting up Secondary Streams"). You can also visit Facebook Live Producer to select where and when to stream.

fb live producer

2. YouTube Live

To find your YouTube Stream Key and URL, take a look at this quick YouTube tutorial:

Youtube Tutorial

3. Vimeo

In order to stream to Vimeo you must have a live-enabled membership.

* 1. From home page "Create Live Event"

* 2. Create a one-time event.

* 3. Press NEXT

* 4. Select the Connect (RTMP) tab to get the RTMP URL and Stream Key

4. Twitter Periscope

* 1. In periscope producer click on the Sources tab.

* 2. Click Create source.

* 3. For source type, choose RTMP.

* 4. Enter the required fields: Source Name and Region (select the region that is closest to your stream origin location).

* 5. Click Create.

Once created: Click the source you will be using to view detailed RTMP information:


- RTMP Stream Key.

Using the above information, you can update the secondary stream tab in your Onlive dashboard.

5. Twitch

* 1. In your Twitch dashboard select the Settings tab.

* 2. Under Settings, select Stream Key and a new button labelled Show Key should appear.

* 3. Select Show Key. Select **I Understand** underneath the warning about sharing your stream key, and your Stream Key should be displayed.

* 4. Your Stream URL for twitch is always rtmp://

Now you can enter the URL and stream key into your Onlive streaming tab.

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