There are two ways in which you can access your waiting list:

Event Reports - Overview

For your convenience, we have added the waiting list to the Reports Overview section under the ‘Waiting List’ tab. You can access it by clicking on ‘Event Reports’ > ‘Reports Overview’ in your Event Menu.

Event Reports - Registration

The second way to see your waiting list is via the registration reports page. In your Event Menu, click on ‘Event Reports’ > ‘Registration’. Then, select the tab titled ‘Waiting List’.

Understanding Your Waitlist

In your waitlist, you will be able to see the guests who are in it, their email addresses, ticket classes, and statuses. The statuses and what they mean are summarized in the table below:

Moderating Waitlisted Guests

An ‘Invite’ text button can be seen beside the guests whose statuses are ‘Pending’. Click on the button along the row of the guest you would like to approve to send him/her the waitlist success invitation email.

Once that action is carried out, the guest’s status will now reflect ‘Invited’. Note that the guest will also be added to your Invitee List under the Invitation class, 'Waitlist'.

If the guest complete his/her registration, his/her status will be changed to 'Registered' and he/she will then be added to your Attendee List. If the guest declines the invitation, his/her status will be changed to 'Declined'.

Removing Guests From Waiting List

If an Invited waitlist guest is taking too long to accept your invitation, you can remove them to revoke your invitation (the registration links in their email will expire). To remove guests from the waiting list, simply click on the 'Remove' text button at the end of their respective rows.

Do note that as long as there are Pending or Invited guests on your waiting list, your event will remain full and the waiting list will remain opened.


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