So, you have set up your event and are ready to get to work on your Virtual Platform (go you!!). This article will talk you through navigating the Virtual Platform module.

First, navigate to your Solutions Overview and select Virtual Platform:

Here you will see a number of options along the top menu bar and we will go through an overview of what each one can be used for:


By clicking on Home you will see the modules available to you on your Virtual Platform. Each one can be edited by clicking into it, you can change the name of the module (and thus how your guests see it on your platform by simply clicking on the pencil icon) and you can close/open the eye icon to hide/show each module on your Virtual Platform as required.


Under Settings you can edit various settings of your Virtual Platform, as below:

  • Web Address

  • Login Method

  • Site Expiry


Navigate to Design in order to change your theme colour or event logo.

Chat Log

Under Chat Log you can view the chats which have been sent either on your main event chat or individual session chats. Select the drop down (as highlighted below) to choose the session you would like to view the Chat Log from:

Manage People

There are a number of things you can do under Manage People such as Manage your Admin/Moderators, Manage your Speakers and Go to Attendees as well as viewing Key Statistics:

Send Notifications

Under this final dashboard option you can (you guessed it) Send Notifications to your delegates. You can select who you want to send the notification to (if you choose Individuals, you will need to type at least the first three characters of their name to find them), add in your subject and your message.

This notification (once sent) will pop up in the guests virtual platform view (and then remain in their chat log for them to view at another time). You can either choose to send this immediately or schedule it for a later date/time by using the clock icon in the right hand corner.

Want to view what has been sent? Click "View Sent" on the top menu bar to be taken to the notification sent log!

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