Within the Virtual Platform module, you will see "Send Notifications" as the final option on the top menu bar.

Under this final option you can (you guessed it) Send Notifications to your delegates. This notification (once sent) will pop up in the guests virtual platform view (and then remain in their chat log for them to view at another time).

Click on this option and you will a number of fields for you to complete to send your notification:

  1. You can select who you want to send the notification to (if you choose Individuals, you will need to type at least the first three characters of their name to find them), add in your subject and your message. You will see the right hand count of "No. of Recipients Selected" change based on your selections so you can keep track of how many people you are sending the notification to.

  2. Next, add in your subject line

  3. Type your notification message!

  4. Voila, that is you! Remember to either send it immediately OR schedule by clicking on the clock icon in the top right hand corner to pick a date and time for this notification to be sent out.

Want to view what has been sent? Click "View Sent" on the top menu bar to be taken to the notification sent log!

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