Within your virtual platform area, you will see your second module Sessions:

Click on this module to open it up and you should see some pre-populated sample Sessions which have been added for you to start from!

  1. + Day if you want to add an extra day to your event agenda

  2. Edit Day will allow you to edit the current day information you have or event delete the day if needed

  3. + Session allows you to add different sessions to your Virtual Platform agenda

  4. Open Studio will take you through to the Studio back end where you can add speakers, and Go Live to start your live streaming session

  5. Edit will allow you to edit the same session which has been pre-created for you, if you want you can simply delete these sessions by clicking Delete in the top right hand corner when you edit the session

  6. Allows you to toggle from 12 to 24 hour format

  7. Allows you to change the layout view of your sessions

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