You're ready to set up your breakout rooms within your Virtual Platform - so, let's go!

Note: Each breakout room can hold 19 pax in total

Navigate to your Virtual Platform area and under Platform Modules you will see the third module is Rooms:

Open this module by clicking on it and here you will see you can Create a Room and set the Rooms Opening Hours:

  • Create A Room to add your first Breakout Room, you will be asked to add a room name and assign a moderator/sponsor. A moderator will need to be an event admin - if you don't have anyone set up as an event admin at this stage, not to worry (this can be added later!). Or you can "manage moderators" and you will be taken through to a new page where you can add a new event admin. Assign a sponsor if you wish to have a sponsor added to your breakout room (this may not be needed and if not, simply do not assign anything here!).

If you create more than one breakout room, you can drag and drop them into the order you would like to show them in your event platform.

Lastly, you can add room opening hours by clicking on Rooms Opening Hours:

This will be the time slot that the breakout rooms show up on your agenda (and is open!) and when your guests can navigate to the rooms by clicking on your agenda item. Do note that 50 rooms will show up at one time on your virtual platform view before a pagnation appears.

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