Firstly, select the Sponsors button to open up the Sponsor settings:

Here you will see a sample sponsor tier (Gold) has been pre-populated to get you started!

Click on the pencil icon to edit the sponsor tier information such as tier name and image (remember to save once done!) - or click the trash can icon to delete this tier completely.

Click on the tier button to see a drop down of some pre-created sponsors for you to edit with your sponsor information! You can again click the pencil icon to edit and add your own information (within the Edit Sponsor tab you can add things such as name, image, social media URLS and a sponsor file) or the trash can icon to delete completely!

In the top right hand corner you will see two options +New Tier and +New Sponsor:

These do exactly what they say on the tin and you can select them (as needed) to either add a new sponsor tier OR add a new sponsor (and assign the sponsor to a tier you have created).

If you click on the Edit button on the Sponsor name, you will be able to customize the Sponsor Logo, Company Name, Website, and Biography. You can also upload a file, assign a meeting person, and add the sponsor's social media URLs.

For any custom design that you may want to change on your site, you can go to Registration Website > Design Master, then click Upload CSS file. Don't forget to click Save.

For any special customization request, you may reach out to our live support services to get a quote on the requested feature.


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