From your Virtual Platform area, click on Settings.

Web Address

To update the Web Address of your Virtual Platform you will need to follow the instructions and go to Event Overview.

Do note, this will change your registration website address too as both are linked! Once you have made your changes, remember to click Save.

Login Method

You are able to choose between 2 login methods. First is the Email Address & Unique Password, where each user gets a unique system-generated password to login, then change their password after logging in. Second, we have the Email Address & Generic Password, wherein you provide one password for all users to login, then they can change the password after their first login.

Please make sure to input the password on the space provided below together with the Confirm Password.

Site Expiry

On the Site Expiry section, you can decide whether you want to automatically archive your site after 35 days from your event's start or not to archive it and wait for further updates from your team. Simply tick the function that you've chosen and click Save.

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