The Networking function is a way for your attendees to book 1:1 meetings with others. Here we will discuss this feature.

First things first... in your Virtual Platform module, select Networking:

Here you will see three options to manage:

Hidden Matching Criteria

These criteria are hidden from the attendee but used to provide the best match for them. By default the platform uses country as a match. Click the eye icon to stop using the hidden matching criteria if needed.

Update: You can now add in additional criteria during setting.

Survey Questions

These questions are visible to the attendee for them to specify who they are and what they are looking for when they first enter the Networking tab in their virtual platform.

Click on the pencil icon to add your required responses (options) for Job Function/Industry so guests can add their answers. This will assist people find matches based on their criteria.

Networking Opening Hours

Here you can add slots for networking time which will show in your session list (or agenda) and allow guests to navigate to your Networking section (you may only want guests to access the networking during specific hours of your event or you may want to keep it open for the entire duration).


Networking & your Virtual Platform

When you set up the Networking option there are a number of things to note. In order to match attendees appropriately, your guests will be taken to a virtual check in page on their first login. This will ask them to input a few simple bits of information before taking them through to set their password and then into the virtual platform. See screenshots below:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

You can turn off the networking feature (thus disabling 1:1 meetings and the virtual check in) by simply clicking on the closed eye icon (as below).

For event attendees on the Virtual Platform, they will see the Networking tab down the left hand side menu (if you have not disabled this option). During opening hours (as set by you) guests will be taken to your survey questions:

Once they have completed their preferences they will be matched with the closest criteria to their networking needs where they can message and book meetings with people.

If guests wish to turn off the meeting function they can simply head to their profile > Privacy and toggle off Meeting Booking.


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