Looking to add that extra bit of competition to your event? Well, our gamification module is perfect!

Navigate to the Virtual Platform area and select the Gamification module by clicking on it:

Here you will see two tabs for you to edit:

  1. How To Play

    Under How To Play simply type in the instructions you want your guests to see explaining to them how to play - and perhaps what they will win!

  2. Point System

    Under Point System you can edit the points you want to allocate per task carried out by your guests AND you can even use the eye icon to hide any tasks you do not wish to show (close the eye to hide).

Remember to save once you are done!

But wait... what will my guests see?

On the Virtual Platform, your guests will see a present icon in the top right hand corner and when they click on this they will see the Leaderboard, their own points tally and the How to Play instructions you set up!

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