Under the settings tab in your virtual platform event module you will see the option for you to select Login Method:

Here you will see two options: Login with email address & unique password OR Login with email address and generic password.

Here we will talk through each option. First if you choose Email Address and Unique Password.

When requiring guests to set a unique password, you have the option for them to create this password when they register. When you create your registration form (Registration Website > Manage Ticketing and Form) you can simply "+ New Field" and under field type select "Event App Password".

This will allow your guests to set their own password when they register.

The second option you have is Login with email address and generic password. For this option you can create and send your guests a generic password for them to log in to the event app with (this would be the same for all guests) and would be used for their first login where they will then be asked to reset their password.

Remember to send your guests the set password for their first login!

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