If you are looking to set up your Breakout Rooms, go to Virtual Platforms first, and open Rooms. Then you will see the Room List and Room Opening Hours.

Go to Room Opening Hours and make sure you enable access to the breakout rooms within the dates and times of your choosing.

Click on the Advanced Settings to customize the setup of your breakout rooms. You may now select if you want this schedule open for All Rooms, or for Selected Rooms only.

Next, you will be able to filter who will be able to access the breakout rooms through Attendee List. You may keep it open for everyone with Free Seating or allow access only to few specific individuals through the Select Attendees option where you can select names of attendees from the guest list.

You may also select the capacity per room with the max of 18 people.

Don't forget to hit the Save button to save your changes.


How to Set Up Breakout Rooms

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